M1210 - 

Lupa, Aumento de 10x, 3 Lentes, 19mm de Diámetro


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Resumen del producto

The M1210 is a 10x Loupe designed for a variety of applications including machining, inspection, measurements. It is used predominantly in the jewellery trade, watch making, electronics and education. Jewellers typically use a monocular, handheld loupe in order to magnify gemstones and other jewellery. It is also used by watchmakers in assembling mechanical watches. In electronics industry loupe can be helpful to inspect the circuit board for manufacturing defects or observing SMD components. A loupe is essential for identifying and positioning small parts.
  • 3 Lenses (fully coated)
  • Focus ring
  • 30mm Field of vision
  • 0.1mm Smallest graduation


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