The evolution of Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Smart maintenance: The evolution of Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

To stay ahead and reduce downtime, learn about the predictive maintenance strategy supported by cutting-edge technologies.


Communication network protocols

NEW Aligning sustainability, business strategy and partnerships with Industry 4.0 (2 of 6)

In the second episode of The Innovation Experts, Schneider Electric provides an exclusive overview of the company’s innovative approach to developing new technology solutions for IIoT, including how key learnings are passed directly onto customers. Mark Yeeles, Vice President Industrial Automation of Schneider Electric UK & Ireland advises that engaging in strategic partners and deploying pilot projects ahead of full system integration is critical to creating fully optimised facilities.

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Tech spotlight

Solving the problem of power consumption in IoT

Ultra-low power sensors: Solving the problem of power consumption in IoT

Discover the energy consumption challenges that IoT devices face and possible solutions, including the use of ultra-low power sensors.


Single-Channel 1-wire network for wireless power

How to implement Single-Channel 1-wire network for wireless power

Utilise a 48V Buck converter to withstand high-voltage load-dump transients, low EMI, and low duty cycle operations in MHEVs to fulfil fuel emission criteria.


Predictive Maintenance To Reduces Energy Waste

Power solutions to meet space constrained applications

Digital power modules can be a great option for space-constrained applications to fulfil power density requirements and protection features.



e-TechJournal ED2: Take control of your power

Many engineers face the challenge of delivering power safely, reliably, accurately, and efficiently. Learn how to achieve all of these, whilst overcoming space constraints.

Tome el control de su energía

Rendimiento y eficiencia para los dispositivos electrónicos modernos

Inteligencia artificial

¡Una de las más grandes revoluciones en la historia de la humanidad! La inteligencia artificial es un concepto integral que incorpora la inteligencia humana a las máquinas

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Impresión en 3D

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