WISHER  WBU-501J  Placa de Pruebas, Sin Soldadura, Termoplástico Rígido POM, 8.2 mm, 64.4 mm x 141.6 mm

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Resumen del producto

The WBU-501J is a 141.6 x 64.4 x 8.2mm Breadboard, made of high class POM plastic steel body with 0.4mm aluminium plate. This breadboard features one distribution strips, 85 distribution holes, one terminal strip and 800 terminal holes. High-class acetal material allows insertion hole to withstand wear and tear without easily deforming, also ideal for high frequency and low static. Horizontal assembly corresponds to the operation flow design of the PC boards for handy operation. The power distribution strip provides 4 sections of positive voltage terminals handy for using different voltage at the same time, also 45 connected tie points for negative circuit. The dovetail protrusions and recesses designed to connect two adjacent boards tightly together and forming a V-shaped cross-sectional groove which allows DIP IC pins inserting across two parts and to increase the rate of utilization. This board is suitable for 20 to 29AWG wire all DIP size components.
  • Durable base stand aluminium nameplate means no static interference
  • Easy-on-the eyes colour for longer operation without eye fatigue

Información del producto

Tipo de Placa:
Placa de Pruebas / Sin Soldadura
Material de Placa:
Acero plástico POM
Diámetro del Orificio:
Altura Externa:
Anchura Externa:
Grosor de Placa:
Rango de Producto:
Sustancia Extremadamente Preocupante (SVHC):
No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)

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  • Industrial

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