UCC27201ADRMT - 

Controlador de Puerta MOSFET, No Inversión, Alimentación de 8V-17V, 3Aout, Retardo de 20ns, VSON-8

UCC27201ADRMT - Controlador de Puerta MOSFET, No Inversión, Alimentación de 8V-17V, 3Aout, Retardo de 20ns, VSON-8

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The UCC27201ADRMT is a high-frequency N-channel MOSFET Driver includes a 120V bootstrap diode and high-side/low-side driver with independent inputs for maximum control flexibility. This allows for N-channel MOSFET control in half-bridge, full-bridge, two-switch forward and active clamp forward converters. The low-side and the high-side gate driver is independently controlled and matched to 1ns between the turn-ON and turn-OFF of each other. The UCC2720xA is based on the popular UCC27200/1 driver, but offer some enhancements. In order to improve performance in noisy power supply environments the UCC2720xA has an enhanced ESD input structure and also has the ability to withstand a maximum of -18V on its HS pin. An on-chip bootstrap diode eliminates the external discrete diodes. Under-voltage lockout is provided for both the high-side and the low-side drivers forcing the outputs low if the drive voltage is below the specified threshold.
  • Drives two N-channel MOSFETs in high-side and low-side configuration
  • Negative voltage handling on HS (-18V)
  • On-chip 0.65V VF, 0.6R RD bootstrap diode
  • Greater than 1MHz of operation
  • Under-voltage lockout for high-side and low-side driver
  • 120V Maximum boot voltage
  • 20V Maximum VDD voltage
  • 20ns Propagation delay time
  • 3A Sink and source output current
  • 1ns Delay matching
  • Green product and no Sb/Br


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