TEXAS INSTRUMENTS  ISO3082DW  Transceptor RS485, Alimentación de 3.15V-5.5V, SOIC-16

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The ISO3082DW is an Isolated 5V Half-duplex RS-485 Transceiver, isolated full-duplex differential line driver and receiver while the ISO3082 and ISO3088 device is isolated half-duplex differential line transceivers for TIA/EIA 485/422 applications. This device is ideal for long transmission lines because the ground loop is broken to allow for a much larger common-mode voltage range. The symmetrical isolation barrier of the device is tested to provide 2500Vrms of isolation for 60s per UL 1577 between the bus-line transceiver and the logic-level interface. Any cabled I/O can be subjected to electrical noise transients from various sources. These noise transients can cause damage to the transceiver and/or nearby sensitive circuitry if they are of sufficient magnitude and duration. This isolated device can significantly increase protection and reduce the risk of damage to expensive control circuits.
  • Meets or exceeds TIA/EIA RS-485 requirements
  • Signalling rate up to 20Mbps
  • 1/8 Unit load up to 256 nodes on a bus
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • 16pF Low bus capacitance (typical)
  • 50kV/µs Typical transient immunity
  • Fail-safe receiver for bus open, short, idle
  • 3.3V Inputs are 5V tolerant
  • 12kV HBM between bus pins and GND2, 6kV HBM between bus pins and GND1 - bus-pin ESD protection
  • Green product and no Sb/Br
Device has limited built-in ESD protection. The leads should be shorted together or the device placed in conductive foam during storage or handling to prevent electrostatic damage to the MOS gates.

Información del producto

Tipo de Dispositivo:
Transceptor RS485
Tipo de Interfaz IC:
RS422, RS485
Núm. de Drivers:
Tensión de Alimentación Mín.:
Tensión de Alimentación Máx.:
Tipo de Controlador:
Número de Pines:
Temperatura de Trabajo Mín.:
Temperatura de Trabajo Máx.:
Rango de Producto:
Estándar de Certificación para Automoción:
Sustancia Extremadamente Preocupante (SVHC):
No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)
Nivel de Sensibilidad a la Humedad (MSL):
MSL 2 - 1 Año

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Transceptor RS422, RS485, Alimentación de 3.15V-5.5V, 1 Controlador, SOIC-16


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