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Receptores AV / DVD, Amplificadores AV, Sistema Audio Móvil o para Coche, TV Digital
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The DIR9001PW is a Digital Audio Interface Receiver, can receive a 28 to 108kHz sampling frequency, 24-bit-data-word, biphase-encoded signal. Complies with IEC60958-3, JEITA CPR-1205 (revised version of EIAJ CP-1201), AES3, EBUtech3250 and it can be used in various applications that require a digital audio interface. Supports many output system clock and output data formats and can be used flexibly in many application systems. As the all functions which the DIR9001 provides can be controlled directly through control pins, it can be used easily in an application system that does not have a microcontroller. Also, as dedicated pins are provided for the channel-status bit and user-data bit, processing of their information can be easily accomplished by connecting with a microcontroller, DSP or others. It does not require an external clock source or resonator for decode operation if the internal actual-sampling-frequency calculator is not used.
  • One-chip digital audio interface receiver (DIR) including low-jitter clock-recovery system
  • Compliant with digital audio interface standards (IEC60958, JEITA CPR-1205, AES3, EBU tech3250)
  • Clock recovery and data decode from biphase input signal
  • 28 to 108kHz Biphase input signal sampling frequency (fS) range
  • 50ps Low-jitter recovered system clock
  • Jitter tolerance compliant with IEC60958-3
  • 128, 256, 384 and 512fS Selectable recovered system clock
  • Supports 24-bit I²S, MSB-first, 24-bit left-justified, MSB-first 16-, 24-bit right-justified
  • User data, channel-status data outputs synchronized with decoded serial audio data
  • No external clock required for decode
  • Includes actual sampling frequency calculator (needs external 24.576MHz clock)
  • Parallel (hardware) function control
  • Functions similar and pin assignments equivalent to those of DIR1703
  • 5V Tolerant digital inputs


Electrónica de Consumo, Audio, Automoción, Imagen, Vídeo y Visión


IC can be damaged by ESD. We recommend that all ICs be handled with appropriate precautions. Failure to observe proper handling and installation procedures can cause damage.

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