BQ27210DRKR - 

Indicador Nivel Carga Baterías Li-Ion/Li-Pol, Alimentación 2.6V-4.5V, Interfaz TW/I2C/Serie, SON-10


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Cinta Cortada
Ion Litio, Polímero de Litio
Calibrador de Nivel
2 Hilos, I2C, Serie
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Resumen del producto

The BQ27210DRKR is a highly accurate stand-alone single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer Battery Capacity Monitoring and Reporting Device targeted at space-limited, portable applications. The IC monitors a voltage drop across a small current sense resistor connected in series with the battery to determine charge and discharge activity of the battery. Compensations for battery age, temperature, self-discharge and discharge rate are applied to the capacity measurements to provide available time-to-empty information across a wide range of operating conditions. Battery capacity is automatically recalibrated, or learned, in the course of a discharge cycle from full to empty. Internal registers include current, capacity, time-to-empty, state-of-charge, cell temperature and voltage, status and more. The bqJUNIOR can operate directly from single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries and communicates to the system over a HDQ one-wire or I²C serial interface.
  • Reports accurate Time-to-Empty at both measured and host-requested load value
  • Reports available capacity compensated for discharge rate, temperature and age
  • End-of-discharge voltage compensated for discharge rate and temperature
  • Automatic capacity reduction with age
  • Reports temperature, voltage and current
  • High accuracy charge and discharge current integration with automatic offset calibration
  • Requires no user calibration
  • Programmable input/output port
  • Internal user EEPROM configuration memory
  • Uploadable coefficients allows host-side use with multiple pack characteristics
  • Stable oscillator without external components
  • Green product and no Sb/Br


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