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Amplificador de Ganancia en Línea, Banda Estrecha 25dB, Impermeable, Bajo Coste/Ruido, Baja Potencia


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Resumen del producto

32-0120-0 is a TW120 rugged waterproof, low cost, low noise, low power, narrow band 25dB gain inline amplifier, specially designed to tightly filter and boost weak GPS L1 signals, while maintaining low antenna noise figures. The TW120 provides for much longer cable runs from antenna to receiver, for applications such as mast-mount, roof-top and large vehicle installations, without any degradation of system sensitivity. The TW120 passes DC directly from input to output to support centre conductor DC supply to the antenna, and so avoiding the need for an additional bias source or bias "T".
  • Very low noise
  • Wide input voltage range, 3VDC to 10VDC
  • Powered via antenna coax from receiver
  • 50ohm port impedance
  • Cylindrical nickel plated brass, IP67compliant housing
  • Improves signal reception
  • Enables extended cable runs
  • Avoid installation of costly low loss cable
  • Fits inline with antenna cable
  • No external voltage supply needed


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