S29GL064N90TFI010.. - 

Memoria Flash, 64 Mbit, 8M x 8bit / 4M x 16bit, CFI, TSOP, 56 Pines

S29GL064N90TFI010.. - Memoria Flash, 64 Mbit, 8M x 8bit / 4M x 16bit, CFI, TSOP, 56 Pines

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3V Parallel NOR Flash Memories
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The S29GL064N90TFI010 is a 64MB page mode Flash Memory featuring 110nm MirrorBit process technology. This device organized as 4194304 words or 8388608 bytes. Depending on the model nuMBer, the device has 16-bit wide data bus only or a 16-bit wide data bus that can also function as a 8-bit wide data bus by using the byte# input. The device can be programmed either in the host system or in standard EPROM programmers. It requires only a single 3V power supply for both read and write functions. In addition to a VCC input, a high-voltage accelerated program feature provides shorter programming times through increased voltage on the WP#/ACC or ACC input. This feature is intended to facilitate factory throughput during system production, but may also be used in the field if desired. The device is entirely command set compatible with the JEDEC single-power-supply flash standard. Write cycles also internally latch addresses and data needed for the programming and erase operations.
  • Uniform sector, WP#/ACC = VIL protects highest addressed sector
  • Single power supply operation
  • Secured silicon sector region
  • Programmed and locked at the factory or by the customer
  • Flexible sector architecture
  • Enhanced Versatile I/O™ control
  • Compatibility with JEDEC standards
  • 100000 Erase cycles typical per sector
  • 20 Years data retention typical
  • Advanced sector protection - Offers persistent sector protection and password sector protection
  • Program suspend & resume - Read other sectors before programming operation is completed
  • Erase suspend & resume - Read/program other sectors before an erase operation is completed
  • Data# polling & toggle bits provide status
  • CFI compliant - Allows host system to identify and accommodate multiple flash devices
  • Unlock bypass program command - Reduces overall multiple-word programming time
  • Ready/busy# output (RY/BY#) detects program or erase cycle completion
  • Hardware reset input (RESET#) resets device


Computers & Computer Peripherals, Industrial, Comunicaciones y Red, Electrónica de Consumo

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8M x 8bit / 4M x 16bit
3V Parallel NOR Flash Memories
MSL 3 - 168 horas
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