100022000 - 

Lubricante, PTFE, Bote, 200ml

SERVISOL 100022000

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Resumen del producto

The 100022000 is a multi-purpose High Grade Lubricant with PTFE for long lasting lubrication and protection on moving parts in office equipment, domestic appliances and similar machinery. Especially effective as a high-temperature lubricant on fuser units in photocopiers, where temperatures can reach 150 to 160°C. It also suitable for mechanisms such as locks, hinges, tracks, clutches, chains, gears, precision tooling and bearings. Super 200 will clean away surface contamination, displace moisture, prevent squeaking and leave a durable, protective film on the treated part. Apply directly onto the components to be treated. Ensure the electrical equipment is switched off before applying Super 200. After spraying, always leave for at least 4/5 minutes to allow dispersal of solvent vapours, before operating the equipment.
  • Butyl acetate odour
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Cleans, lubricates and protects
  • Displaces moisture, prevents corrosion
  • -10 to +180°C Broad operating temperature range


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