PML711A-RO - 

Sonda de Osciloscopio, Pasivo, 500 MHz, 300 V, 10:1, Osciloscopios de Propósito General, PML Series


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PML Series
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Información del producto

PML Series
Osciloscopios de Propósito General
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Resumen del producto

The PML711A-RO is a High Impedance Passive Probe for oscilloscopes with up to 500MHz bandwidth. It features CeramCore™ technology. The entire probe core is made of a high quality ceramic hybrid. Pure coaxial design and laser trimmed resistors ensure highest signal fidelity along the signal path offering high bandwidth and fast rise-times for accurate impulse measurements. With a maximum input voltage of 300V CAT II this divider is equally suitable in service and development environments. The new probe is also available with read-out BNC connector to be automatically recognised as 10:1 divider by scopes that feature a sense ring to detect probe attenuation such as Agilent, LeCroy or Tektronix. The compact design of this new probe with its 2.5mm housing diameter at the tip provides better visibility to the DUT (device under test) in dense SMT circuits than conventional 5mm housings. Due to the remarkably low input capacitance the signal source is only loaded by 9.5pF.
  • Coaxial design
  • Interchangeable spring contact tip
  • New IC contacting system for 0.5 to 1.27mm pitch
  • 700ps Typical system rise time
  • Pollution degree 2


Test y Medida


The maximum input voltage rating of the probe decreases as the frequency of the applied signal increases.