NXP  MC68302EH16C  Microprocesador, Serie M683XX, 16MHz, 4.5V a 5.5V, QFP-132

NXP MC68302EH16C
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Serie M683XX
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The M683XX series Quad Integrated Communication Controller (QUICC™), it is a versatile one-chip integrated microprocessor and peripheral combination that can be used in a variety of controller applications. It particularly excels in communications activities. The QUICC (pronounced quick) can be described as a next-generation MC68302 with higher performance in all areas of device operation, increased flexibility, major extensions in capability and higher integration. The term quad comes from the fact that there are four serial communications controllers (SCCs) on the device, however, there are actually seven serial channels - four SCCs, two serial management controllers (SMCs) and one serial peripheral interface (SPI).
  • CPU32+ processor (4.5 MIPS at 25MHz)
  • Up to 32-bit data bus (dynamic bus sizing for 8 and 16 bits)
  • Up to 32 address lines (at least 28 always available)
  • Complete static design (0 to 25MHz operation)
  • Slave mode to disable CPU32+ (allows use with external processors)
  • Memory controller (eight banks)
  • Four general-purpose timers
  • Two independent DMAs (IDMAs)
  • System integration module (SIM60)
  • 12-Port pins with interrupt capability
  • 16 Internal interrupt sources
  • Programmable priority between SCCs
  • Programmable highest priority request
  • Communications processor module (CPM)
  • Four SCCs - Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) and totally transparent (bit streams)
  • Two SMCs - Transparent and general circuit interface (GCI) controller
  • One SPI - Superset of the MC68302 SCP and supports master and slave modes
  • Time-slot assigner
  • Supports two TDM channels
  • Parallel interface port - Centronics interface support and supports fast connection between QUICCs

Información del producto

Rango de Producto:
Serie M683XX
Memoria Programable, Tamaño:
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Temperatura de Trabajo Mín.:
Temperatura de Trabajo Máx.:
Velocidad de CPU:
Tipo de Interfaz Integrada:
Tamaño del Núcleo:
Estándar de Certificación para Automoción:
Sustancia Extremadamente Preocupante (SVHC):
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)
Nivel de Sensibilidad a la Humedad (MSL):
MSL 3 - 168 horas

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United States

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