MYRRA  47121  Fuente de Alimentación Montaje PCB AC/DC, Modo de Conmutación, Fijo, 1 Salida, 85 VAC, 265 VAC

MYRRA 47121
MYRRA 47121
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MYRRA 47121
MYRRA 47121

Resumen del producto

The 47121 from Myraa is a single output regulated switching power supply. This encapsulated electronic transformer is a switched mode power supply based on flyback topology and provides an alternative solution to traditional power supplies used in low power applications. This power supply has high level of increased power, almost three times more than the standard EI30 transformer and offers a better energetic efficiency of 70% typical compared to 40% for a conventional supply and low standby power consumption. The electronic transformer has the same footprint as an EI30 transformer which replaces regulated types of transformers. This electronic transformer is ideal for use with a wide range of applications including alternative to the linear transformers in all AC to DC applications, alternative to DC to DC converters for application in DC current, standby devices and others DC or AC auxiliary supplies.
  • Input voltage range from 85VAC to 265VAC or 85VDC to 370VDC
  • Input frequency range from 47Hz to 440Hz
  • Output voltage is 3.3VDC
  • Output current is 750mA
  • Output rated power is 2.5W
  • Efficiency is 65%
  • Temperature range upto 70°C
  • Input protection by integrated fusible resistor
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Thermal shutdown with automatic recovery

Información del producto

Tipo de Salida de Alimentación:
Núm. de Salidas:
1 Salida
Tensión de Entrada AC Mín.:
Tensión de Entrada AC Máx.:
Potencia de Salida Máx.:
Tensión de Salida - Salida 1:
Tensión de Salida - Salida 2:
Corriente de Salida - Salida 1:
Corriente de Salida - Salida 2:
Tensión de Salida - Salida 3:
Corriente de Salida - Salida 3:
Rango de Producto:
47000 Series
Tensión Nominal de Salida:
3.3 V
Sustancia Extremadamente Preocupante (SVHC):
To Be Advised
Corriente de Salida Máx.:
750 mA

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