DYC200-02-C100-9-T-L - 

Guante, Paquete de 100, Blanco, Látex, Talla L, Completo

MULTICOMP DYC200-02-C100-9-T-L

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Clase 100
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Resumen del producto

The DYC200-02-C100-9-T-L is a large size white Cleanroom Gloves, made of pure natural latex. These gloves offer superior resistance to dilute acids and alkalis, abrasive force and tearing. With a provision of elasticity, these gloves provide optimal tactile sensitivity, long-term comfort and dexterity. Highest quality compounded in-house from formulation and process consistency. Plus, these class 100 gloves show significantly low extraction level. Applicable to class 100 or better clean rooms where critical applications are not carried out. Ideal for the disk-drive and related industries (HGA, HAS etc).


Seguridad, Industrial

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