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Módulo de Evaluación, Detección, Tacto, Proximidad, Tacto Capacitivo, Interfaz Serie PICkit


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Detección - Táctil, Proximidad
Evaluation Board PIC32MX, ICSP Header, USB Connector, 16-bit LED Display
Sensor Táctil Capacitivo
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Resumen del producto

The AC323027 is a PIC32MX CTMU evaluation board designed to facilitate the development of capacitive touch based applications using the low cost high performance PIC32 MX1/MX2 series microcontrollers with a charge time measurement Unit (CTMU) module. This board is intended to supplement the enhanced mTouch capacitive touch evaluation Kit and uses the same sensor daughter boards. This evaluation board includes an on board PICkitTM serial interface, an ICSPTM header, a USB connector (for power only), and 16 LED's. The board also includes a 24 pin header that can be used to interface the two channel and four channel slider plug-in boards, the 12 matrix key plug-in board and the 8 direct key plug-in board. These plug-in boards are included in the mTouchTM capacitive touch evaluation kit.
  • PICkit serial interface via an on board ICSP header
  • On board PIC32MX250F128D
  • USB connector (for power only)
  • Featured with 16bit LED display
  • 24 pin header that can be used to interface the two channel and four channel slider plug-in boards
  • 12 matrix key plug-in board and the eight direct key plug-in board


Instrumentación y Medida, Dispositivos Portátiles, Industrial, Robótica


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