HCNR200-500E - 

Optoacoplador, Optoacopladores Lineales, 1 Canal, DIP Montaje Superficie, 8 Pines, 5 kV


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Información del producto

DIP Montaje Superficie
1 Canal
Cinta Cortada
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Resumen del producto

The HCNR200-500E is a high-linearity Analogue Optocoupler consists of a high-performance AlGaAs LED that illuminates two closely matched photodiodes. The input photodiode can be used to monitor and therefore stabilize the light output of the LED. As a result, the non-linearity and drift characteristics of the LED can be virtually eliminated. The output photodiode produces a photocurrent that is linearly related to the light output of the LED. This can be used to isolate analogue signals in a wide variety of applications that require good stability, linearity and bandwidth. This analogue optocoupler is an excellent solution for many analogue isolation problems.
  • 0.01% Low nonlinearity
  • Allows flexible circuit design


Comunicaciones y Red, Control de Motor, Hospitalario


It is advised that normal static precautions be taken in handling and assembly of this component to prevent damage and/or degradation which may be induced by ESD.