ACPL-K64L-500E - 

Optoacoplador, Salida Digital, 2 Canales, 5 kV, 10 Mbaud, SSO, 8 Pines

ACPL-K64L-500E - Optoacoplador, Salida Digital, 2 Canales, 5 kV, 10 Mbaud, SSO, 8 Pines

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The ACPL-K64L-500E is a 2-channel 8-pin surface-mount ultra low power Digital Optocoupler combine an AlGaAs light emitting diode (LED) and an integrated high gain photodetector. It consumes extremely low power, at maximum 1.3mA IDD current per channel across temperature. With a forward LED current as low as 1.6mA most microprocessors can directly drive the LED. An internal Faraday shield provides a guaranteed common mode transient immunity specification of 20kV/µs. Maximum AC and DC circuit isolation is achieved while maintaining TTL/CMOS compatibility. The CMOS output is slew-rate controlled and is designed to allow the rise time and fall time to be controlled over a wide range of the load capacitance. This low-power optocoupler is suitable for high speed logic interface applications.
  • Built-in slew-rate controlled output
  • Glitch-free power-up and power-down
  • 1.3mA Maximum ultra low current IDD consumption
  • 1.6mA Low input current
  • 5V Reverse input voltage
  • 8mA Average forward input current


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2 Canales
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