ATA2270-EK1 - 

Kit de Demostración, RFID basado en AVR®, Pantalla LCD y Botones, 125kHz


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RFID, Control de Acceso, Monitorización de Inventario
e5530, TK5530, T5551, TK5551
Basis and Interface Board, Reader Antenna Coil, Power Supply, Serial Cable, USB Serial Dongle
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Resumen del producto

The ATA2270-EK1 is an LF RFID application kit. The Atmel ATA2270-EK1 is an evaluation kit that supports a limited number of configurations in stand alone mode. This self contained introduction kit for RFID systems for designers with little prior RFID experience includes an LCD and control buttons to interact with the RFID system. The kit supports Atmel e5530/TK5530, T5551/TK5551, ATA5567 (T5557), ATA5570, ATA5575, ATA5577, and ATA5558 IDICs and the U2270B. The kit supports all standard Atmel AVR development tools such as AVR Studio, STK500, JTAGICE mkII, and more. It provides a complete self contained tool to begin using RFID systems, even for users who are short on RFID experience. It supplies an LCD and control buttons to enable interaction with the RFID system. This stand alone but also PC-GUI based system supports many of Atmel's RFID tag chips.
  • Self contained LF RFID application kit
  • Support during the entire development phase provided by the PC interface & application software
  • Full control of the tag configuration
  • AVR ATmega128-based and provides all necessary source and object codes
  • An API (Advanced Programming Interface) allows control of the kit by user written software
  • Registered kit users have access to an Atmel FTP server for firmware and software upgrades


Inalámbrico, Comunicaciones RF, Seguridad


Main and interface board, Reader antenna coil, Power supply 120V to 240V, USB serial dongle.